Meet our models

Daisy & Lilly

  This is Daisy (3) and Lilly (2) Daisy came into our lives at 10 months old after we sadly lost our first pug Poppy , she was then joined a year later by Lilly, and they became the best of friends they're inseparable. Daisy is the sweetest natured little girl and when out and about is good as gold and quite shy, don't let this fool you though at home she is the boss. Lilly is the mischievous and outgoing one of the pair seeking attention whether she goes, she is the queen of belly rubs and absolutely adores her sister. Daisy was undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma at the start of 2018 but sadly lost her battle around Easter she will forever be remembered <3


  Nancy Fancy pants is a 2 year old platinum pug from Buckinghamshire! She loves cheese, cats and bunnies, and previous modelling gigs include the Sky Bet ‘gold pug’ ad and being the face of PugTown!  


Bluebelle was rescued by the FAPDF, sadly with numerous Health conditions, Through funds raised by the foundation and members of the Pugfest community she had the best treatment and fast became a much loved Pug within the Pugfest community and attended the events. 

Sadly in 2017 Bluebelle went with the other canine angels to Rainbow bridge - She was a strong little girl and very loved.

Recently a group of Pugfest members organised a memorial garden in her memory.


   Taz is a 5/6 year old rescue pug from Kent (we are not sure of his age as he's a rescue from Lithuania) he was a stud dog before he was rescued and lived outside. Taz has been my best friend for 2 years now and healed my heart after loosing my pug puppy 2 and a half years ago. Taz is a poorly boy and suffers with hip dyspepsia and lumbosacrual degenerative stenosis along with mast cell tumors which he's had numerous surgeries for, his eye sight isn't great these days either due to PK.   


  Rolo is my little cheeky pugalier. He came into my life two years ago, he is my therapy dog who has helped me hugely with my mental health. His farts are the worst but his smile makes up for it... Rolo is 2 and a half years old and is from Suffolk in the UK! We have just today greeted our beautiful new black baby pug Riley to the family who Rolo will be a great idol to his brother.   


  Hi there, I’m Charlie Pug!At 3 years old I was surrendered to MuffinPug Rescue and moved in with my adoptive family. !I’m part of a mighty pack which includes Chihuahuas, a Spaniel and Stanley Pug - though he’s not a model like yours truly...You’ll often find me mingling with the cool Pugs at the Manchester Pug Mania meet ups.In my spare time I like to bark at my reflection in the washing machine, shout at almost anything on the television and attack the humans feet when they’re wearing slippers.I’m also a MASSIVE fan of snoring...


  Emma was 10 months old when we rescued her from a rescue group here in Phoenix Arizona. Her first parents had health issues and couldn’t care for her. We already had a Pitt bull and a cattle dog and she fit right in. She is so funny, as most pugs are. She is also quite the cuddle pug. We have since added a chihuahua mix who adores her. All 3 dogs clean her face and ears for her. She is so docile and loves to be held and sang to but she can be feisty too. She does not like fireworks. She turned 2 this past September. 


  Mazda was rescued in 2014 at the age of 6 years old. His birthday better known as his gotcha day is February 22nd and will be 10 years old. His favorite things to do is sleep just about anywhere, eat (his favorite food is carrots and green beans) and be right by his human friend’s side. Mazda hates being outside and much prefers being inside curled up on the couch. Though being diagnosed with a heart condition in 2016, it doesn’t stop him from being the little spunky loving puggy he is.